Matt Dalton’s Life With CD

Hey, Crohnies! I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine, Matt Dalton. Matt and I went to high school together and I never knew he had Crohn’s Disease up until he reached out to me when I first announced that I had it! I decided to ask him a few questions about his journey with Crohn’s. So please read up on his experience throughout his life and how he’s been doing!

Matt Dalton.
Maumee, Ohio

MJ: When did you first discover you had CD?

MD: I first discovered I had CD when I was 8 years old. I was in Memphis and I couldn’t eat anything without experiencing severe pain. I ended up losing about 45 lbs because I couldn’t eat. Eventually, I went to the doctor and had a colonoscopy done and they found severe Crohn’s throughout my intestines.

MJ: What were the next steps for treatment after you were diagnosed?

MD: At first, I started on pills and those did not work for me at all, so then I moved on to Remicade which has kept me in remission for 10 years now.

MJ: Have you experienced any issues with Remicade?

MD: No, I haven’t had many problems with the treatment. I just had my last infusion about seven weeks ago to see how I could handle it. I’ve had a few bad flare ups but was never hospitalized for them . A few times I would end up vomiting from it, but that was rare for me. Since I’m in remission, my doctor and I have decided to take me off Remicade completely!

MJ: When was your last flare up?

MD: My last flare up was about 2 years ago.

MJ: That’s amazing! How are you feeling now about stopping the medical therapy?

MD: I am a little nervous to stop treatment but I made the choice because I feel ready and I’m going to stick with it. I hope it works but other than that, I am feeling great!

MJ: I know in high school, you did football. How did CD affect that?

MD: During football, I never really had any problems. I did have to miss practice a couple of times for my treatment and I did have one on a game day, so that was no fun, ha ha. But I was going to play football no matter what. I even went to practice a few hours after a treatment.

MJ: I’m so happy for you! So last question, is there any advice you’d give to someone struggling with CD?

MD: Try to find something to distract yourself during all of it. No matter what it is. Mine was sports and it would keep my mind off of the bad times during all of this.

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